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For Immediate Release: The Elite Publications announces a new book, The Mental Commandments of Personal Safety with Willie "The Bam" Johnson: A Guide of Solutions to Violence in the Real World, to be released in late April. This book is a collection of guiding principles on living a safe and healthy life for anyone traveling the wrong road towards destruction. This well-traveled road often leads to death, while Johnson is offering life.

Willie "The Bam" Johnson committed to himself while incarcerated to share his experiences with others. He was able to flip the script and live his life on purpose. While in the pits of hell, Johnson received these Commandments as a gift from God, and what he does with them is his gift back to God. These Commandments should be applied to how you live, and he guarantees that you will live a prosperous, joyful, and peaceful life even during a global pandemic.

"You now have the perfect weapon in your hands to begin living your best life." – Willie "The Bam" Johnson.

Wille "The Bam" Johnson is an award-winning martial arts teacher, motivational speaker, and author. He is also the author of The Complete Martial Artist. The Mental Commandments of Personal Safety with Willie "The Bam" Johnson complements Willie "The Bam" Johnson's documentary, to be released by Maverick Entertainment and MMA Publishing. The scheduled date of the book's release is April 23. However, the book is already available for pre-orders on the Elite Publications, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon websites.

The Mental Commandments of Personal Safety

Willie The Bam Johnson Book

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