Why you should rest and relax after your workout!

Why you should rest and relax after your workout!
Shutterstock.com | By Dalibor Despotovic

It's important for your body to recover after a beating in the Dojo. So for optimal conditioning, be sure to take some time off inbetween.

We are all prone to just workout all afternoon long, day in and day out. But did you know that doing so can actually hurt you more than do you any good? I know, we all want to get to the next belt ASAP or we all are striving to do it every single day. But by doing so you can actually cause more harm than good to your body. And what good does it do when your body shuts down on you, for maybe, days if not weeks if you don't take care of it good enough?

So let's break it down for you. You need that down time in-between your workouts! Your body takes a huge toil on itself when you get thrown to the ground, or when you try to break a board in half, or maybe your doing some crazy flips and spins and might land a little weird on your foot. All that can cause excessive strain and worse, can cause you to actually get injured.

Taking a day or two off is not going to be the end of the world, or it's not going to put you months behind on getting your next belt upgrade. Think about it, what if you actually get hurt in some exercises or drills? The time off from an injury is going to be much greater than taking it easy and taking some time off for yourself.

Supplementing can sure help, especially when you are taking supplements that are designed for anti-inflammatory. But you also know what helps? And this might be something you never thought of or it's to easy to think of. But listening to some relaxing and soothing sounds for an hour or two, Just lay there, lay on the floor, lay on the bed or even the couch and open up your phone, pull up the YouTube add and start typing "Relaxing sounds...." you will get bombarded with 1,000's of videos out there.

Now take a minute, find something that attracts your eye, then put the phone to the side and just relaxing! Resting is very essential for our bodies and something as little as an hour a day just laying there can have significate improvements for us, not only for our physical wellbeing, but also for our mental health.

Here is a good example of a 1-Hour video that is all about relaxing and getting you to chill.

Soothing Relaxation Music | Soft Peaceful Music | Music for Inner Peace & Meditationyoutu.be

Take a listen, and just try it for an hour a day. See what it will do for you. and Again, don't worry about missing a day or two at the dojo. With time you will get that next ranking belt you always wanted.

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