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UFC's Fight Island to debut July 11th with UFC 251

The UFC's Fight Island "safe zone" located on Yas Island in Abu Dahbi debuts July 11th with UFC 251. Here are all the answer to your questions about this martial arts paradise.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing quarantine, UFC president Dana White had been planning on how he'd be able to continue having events despite growing concerns. As sports leagues across the world began to cancel seasons Dana White began work on a plan that would enable a safe zone for his fighters to continue events. Despite continued global restrictions. That dream will come true this weekend with the debut of Fight Island! Here are the answers to all the questions about the martial arts paradise you'll want to know!

To dive into this idea of a Fight Island you have to first get the context of a venue like this. If the idea of an island dedicated to the worlds elite martial artist squaring off in an exotic location with no clear governing body doesn't bring you back to thoughts of Blood Sport then you may want to ask yourself of you are a true fan or not.

The Hype Is Real

To top it off the arena debut will feature three championship fights with an epic late entry this week of Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal due to Gilbert Burns having to drop out of the originally planned match.

Where is Fight Island?

fan art of UFC Fight Island

Fan art by Deviant Art for Fight Island

Deviant Art

Since this idea became a reality many have been wondering the actual of location of Fight Island. It has now been confirmed that UFC's Fight Island will reside as part of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The location should not have been a surprise to any fans considering that a company closely related to the UAE government called Flash Entertainment once owned as much as 10% of the UFC.

Yas Island is a man made island. The island is also home to Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Brothers World Abu Dahbi. The Fight Island feature will make a nice addition to this already sprawling complex in the Persian Golf.

How Will This Keep Fighters Safe?

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi to feature UFC's Fight Island

Yas Island which will feature UFC's Fight Island


The idea behind creating this venue was to create a "safe zone" for fighters during events. The island, until future conditions change, will remain relatively private and closed to the public. The islands "safe zone" will allow only those affiliated with the four shows being held in July to enter. The UFC staff for this period will consist of around 630 people in addition to fighters and their limited corners. UFC estimates that around 3,300 antigen test for COVID-19 will be performed during this time.

The arena will also feature an octagon with an extended size. The Fight Island octagon will be 30 feet across in contrast to the Apex arena's 25 feet width. Apex arena in Las Vegas has held a hand full of events since the restrictions related to COVID-19 began.

What About The Facilities?

The facility has generated a rigorous plan for testing prior to the event. All people in attendance will have to travel from a designated hub airport. These will be primarily Las Vegas, Sao Poulo, London, and Moscow. Each person will have to complete a COVID test prior to leaving and quarantine overnight until test test results arrive. Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi they will again be tested for COVID and quarantined until their results come back negative. If they are positive they will be escorted to a designated hotel to await treatment or travel arrangements home.

This is going to be badass. It is going to be an incredible experience for all of us.
- Dana White
UFC Fight Island complex on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

Map of Fight Island complex on Yas Island


Those attending the event will have no shortage of facilities upon arrival. They will have access to some of Yas Islands other attractions for entertainment. Each team will also receive training facilities and be staying at one of two hotels. The W or the Crown Plaza. In total 7 hotels will be utilized for those in coordination and participation in the event along with the restaurants and amenities they all offer.

More Venue Photos

Outside Fight Island Complex and Yas Island Marina

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