Connor Chasteen

The first installment of Jessie Wray's Virtual Forms Tour, a sister promotion to his Virtual Fight Tour, did not disappoint.

On Saturday night, sport karate history was made with a brand-new style of forms and weapons competition. Three Creative-Musical-Extreme (CMX ) divisions featured three competitors each for the junior boys', women's, and men's categories. The competitors performed one open forms routine and one weapons performance, which was scored by a panel of all-star judges using creativity, execution, and difficulty as the primary scoring criteria. There was also a traditional event in which two strong competitors faced off in a head-to-head showdown. Each competitor selected two forms prior to competition and a third form was selected randomly by Uventex software. All of these unique rules made for an action-packed evening of forms and weapons competition.

First up was the junior boys' division featuring Dawson Holt, Esteban Tremblay, and Ben Jones, who all represented Team Competitive Edge. The clash of teammates started off with a tight race as all three contenders hit strong open forms routines. Tremblay's performance began with a difficult full double-leg twist that helped him inch ahead going into the second round. Jones suffered a drop near the end of his bo performance that necessitated a two-point deduction that essentially took him out of the running. With the competition narrowed down to Holt and Tremblay, both athletes landed incredible routines but ultimately the difficulty of Tremblay's bo form with a triple spin catch and other advanced variations earned him the victory.

Esteban Tremblay

The traditional battle took place next as Shotokan stylist Ali Sofuoglu tested his skills against Mason Stowell, a member of Team Top Ten USA and Goju Ryu stylist. Sofuoglu started the competition with a shorter kata typical of the Shotokan style, and a very powerful performance from Stowell made it seem that he may have a chance to dethrone the #3 ranked competitor in the World Karate Federation. However, Sofuoglu heated up in the second round with a fast, herculean rendition of Unsu. This swung the momentum in his favor as the competitors advanced to the third and final round. Neither athlete wavered in terms of intensity or endurance, and the hard-fought battle resulted in a win for Sofuoglu.

The co-main event saw Team Infinity's Noell Jellison and Team AKA's Solange Olivier challenge the odds-on favorite Sammy Smith of Team Paul Mitchell. Smith, the #1 ranked contender in the Official Black Belt Magazine World Sport Karate Rankings in both women's weapons and CMX forms, performed an old school-inspired open forms routine in the first round that gave her the lead on the judges' scorecards. Jellison and Olivier both hit solid routines, but the creativity and power present in Smith's routine seemed to set her apart. Jellison and Olivier each stepped up the difficulty for the weapons round with a variety of bo and nunchaku releases, respectively. Smith answered the call with a nunchaku routine of her own that continued the old school theme by using the song "We Are The World" for choreography, reminiscent of the great Matt Emig. The speed and skill demonstrated in Smith's nunchaku routine secured her victory as she obtained the highest total score of the night by any CMX competitor.

Sammy Smith

Finally, the main event of the evening saw Shaquan Parson of Team Next Level, Rashad Eugene of Team DKS, and Connor Chasteen of Team Infinity slug it out for the men's title. Chasteen took the match on just five days notice, as previously-booked Allen Davies had to cancel due to his career as a Paramedic and working hours necessitated by COVID-19. Despite the short notice, Chasteen came out hot in the first round with an open form that demonstrated a wide variety of martial arts skills, from advanced tricking with a double full, to traditional karate kicking techniques, and even a blitz commonly seen in point fighting. Eugene's opening round did not disappoint either, as he lived up to his "Black Mamba" nickname with a lighting fast routine. Parson also began the competition in impressive fashion as his high flying tricks and strong techniques gave him a slight lead going into the weapons round. The lead was so slight, in fact, that the competitors in first and third place were only separated by two tenths of a point.

Parson kicked off the second round with a strong kama routine that put him in good position to maintain his lead. However, Chasteen blew the judges and commentators away with his kama routine. An onslaught of complex kama releases and clean cutting combinations earned the highest individual score of any competitor in the event, vaulting himself into first place. Eugene, known for his ability to use many different weapons, ultimately chose to do a bo form in an attempt to catch up to Chasteen. Despite great intensity, some under-extended strikes and stances would prevent Eugene from getting the scores he needed to close the gap. This meant that Chasteen would take an impressive win and claim the title in the Virtual Forms Tour's first-ever main event.

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Dustin Poirier has knocked out Conor McGregor in the second round at the UFC 257 Main Event. This spoils McGregor's long-awaited UFC return after his win over Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone last January. Poirier hinted after the match that he would be open to another bout against McGregor, as this fight brings their rivalry to a 1-1 record. The impressive wins of Poirier and Michael Chandler on Saturday night set the UFC's lightweight division up for a very exciting future.

The Legendary Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame has never before been documented in a single location. Now, you can learn about all the icons that have achieved one of the greatest honors in all of martial arts.

Black Belt Magazine is proud to announce the NEW Member Profiles feature for the Hall of Fame. At the time of this article, the online records account for every inductee from the inaugural year of 1968 all the way through 1990 (upwards of 200 martial artists). The page will be updated continuously and will include every inductee through 2020 in the near future. For now, you can enjoy images and facts about the legendary members for each induction they received before 1991. Take advantage of this never-before-seen opportunity to learn about many of the martial artists who contributed to the lifestyle, culture, and community that every martial artist experiences today.


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In a competition bereft of many of its top wrestlers, Daieisho was a surprise winner of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament Sunday in Tokyo. With the area under a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic and a post-war record 19 wrestlers withdrawing from the event, Daieisho pulled off the upset victory coming from the maegashira level, the lowest of five ranks in sumo's top division, to win the title.

It was Daieisho's first championship as he finished the event with a 13-2 record. Displaying a powerful pushing and thrusting style, he also garnered the prize for outstanding performance during the tournament as well as the prize for best technique.

Shin Wook Lim, a national taekwondo coach for Canada, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison Friday after being found guilty last week on 10 counts of sexual assault and sexual interference against an underage student. Lim also pleaded guilty to other charges involving a second accuser. The two women appeared at the sentencing to tell the court of the lasting damage Lim had done to their lives.

Lim, who taught at the Black Belt World taekwondo studio, was a coach with the Canadian Olympic team in 2008 and 2016. He committed the assaults against both girls between 2013 and 2017 while they were his students with incidents of abuse taking place in Toronto and during trips for competitions and training camps.

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