U.S. Open ISKA Night of Champions Selections Announced

Photo Courtesy: ISKA

The International Sport Karate Association's Night of Champions selection committee has completed careful deliberation and is proud to announce the selected competitors for this prestigious finals at the U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships. For forms and weapons divisions, the order of competitors is also finalized. Competitors at the top of the list will be performing first. Streaming exclusively on Fite TV will begin at 6:00 PM EST. Click here to purchase the U.S. Open full-day pack and catch all the action.

*Exact order of events is subject to alterations for production purposes*

Raptor Xtreme Weapons Trick Battle Semifinals

  • Esteban Tremblay vs Phillip Brumme
  • Brennan Green vs Rashad Eugene
13 & Under Boys CMX Forms World Championship
  • Zeke Gomez
  • Judah Sagawa
13 & Under Girls CMX Forms World Championship
  • Madalynn Wiersma
  • Savannah Agosto
Fight Choreography Winning Performance
  • Naythan Fraczek
13 & Under Boys and Girls Traditional Forms World Championship
  • Adomas Rackauskas
  • Amanda Duarte
Women's Traditional Weapons World Championship
  • Katelyn McMillan
  • Haley Glass
13 & Under Girls CMX Weapons World Championship
  • Savannah Agosto
  • Olivia Cano
Raptor Xtreme Weapons Trick Battle Finals
  • Winner of Tremblay/Brumme vs Green/Eugene

14-17 Girls CMX Forms World Championship

  • Averi Presley
  • Alyss Groce

14-17 Boys CMX Forms World Championship

  • Wassim Dridi
  • Joe Troia
  • Colin OBrien
  • Phillip Brumme

14-17 Girls Traditional Forms World Championship

  • Logan Goodman
  • Sofia Rodriguez Florez

International Tae Kwon Do Federation Challenge

  • Akino Lindsay vs Sheldon Spencer

14-17 Boys Traditional Forms World Championship

  • Cheeks Elizondo
  • Luca Ricotti
  • Noah Sansait

Men's Traditional Forms World Championship

  • Diego Rodriguez Florez
  • Jeff Doss
  • Joey Castro

13 & Under Boys CMX Weapons World Championship

  • Gavin Dollarhite
  • Michael Molina
  • Judah Sagawa

14-17 Girls Traditional Weapons World Championship

  • Kodi Molina
  • Sofia Rodriguez-Florez

Team Synchronized Weapons World Championship

  • Team Raptor (Austin Murray-Ohmat & Dayton Gale)
  • Team Paul Mitchell (Ben Jones & Esteban Tremblay)

14-17 Girls CMX Weapons World Championship

  • Maria Routel-Ferguson
  • Samantha Mitling
  • Averi Presley

Men's Team Sparring World Championship

  • Team Legend vs Team Straight Up

14-17 Junior Boys Team Sparring World Championship

  • Diego Gomez & Luis Rivera vs Jake Mueck & Sebastian Villanueva

Women's Team Sparring World Championship

  • Alexi Jimenez & Cassandra De La Barrera vs Katarina Herman & Maeve McColgan

World Record Breaking Attempt

  • Elana Rapisarda

Men's CMX Forms World Championship

  • Sen Gao
  • Salef Celiz
  • Esteban Tremblay

Women's CMX Weapons World Championship

  • Sara Campbell
  • Haley Glass

Demonstration Team World Championship

  • Florida Sport Martial Arts Academy
  • Team Freestyle
  • Team Competitive Edge

Team Synchronized Forms World Championship

  • Team AKA (Colin OBrien & Joe Troia)
  • Team Infinity (Diego & Sofia Rodriguez Florez)

Women's CMX Forms World Championship

  • Andrea Guzman
  • Haley Glass

Women's Traditional Forms World Championship

  • Amber Rutherford
  • Gabrielle Rudolph

Women's Open Weight Sparring World Championship

  • Jasmine Peterson vs Jimena Janeiro

Men's Open Weight Sparring World Championship

  • Devon Hopper vs John Curatolo

14-17 Boys CMX Weapons World Championship

  • Jackson Hensley
  • Wassim Dridi
  • Nolan Grunwald
  • Phillip Brumme

Men's Weapons World Championship

  • Rashad Eugene
  • Dawson Holt
  • Ben Jones
  • Esteban Tremblay

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