FITE to Live Stream U.S. Open Karate Championships

U.S. Open Karate

Tuesday, the combat sports streaming service FITE announced they will be live streaming the last day finals of this year's U.S. Open ISKA World Sport Karate Championship from Orlando, Fla. on July 1. The coverage will include the ISKA World Breaking Championships in the morning and afternoon and the night time Sport Martial Arts World Championships.

The U.S. Open, perhaps the world's largest sport karate tournament entering it's 39th year, has long had an edited version of its finals broadcast by ESPN on a delayed basis. U.S. Open co-director Mike Sawyer told Black Belt that while FITE will now be the base of their ISKA Channel, they maintain relationships with ESPN, as well as CBS and other networks, and that highlight shows of this year's tournament may still be broadcast elsewhere.

"FITE impressed us as having the existing worldwide reach; a reputation for excellent promotion of the events they stream live (sometimes 30+ per weekend); and the forward-looking vision they possess that matches ours," said Sawyer.

FITE, which was originally FITE TV, includes a streaming line up that features mixed martial arts, muay Thai and grappling as well as boxing and wrestling events. They'll be offering the U.S. Open full day package for $14.99.

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