Tyreeke Saint

Tyreeke Saint

Team: Top Ten USA

Date of Birth: April 16, 2001

Style: Katsugen

Specialty: Point Fighting

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Experience: 16 Years

Leagues: NASKA, WAKO

Tyreeke Saint is one of the most exciting fighters in sport karate. His accolades include a junior open weight title at the Athens Challenge and adult open weight titles at the Ocean State Grand Nationals and U.S. Capitol Classics. Saint's talent has been apparent from a young age, as he won his first adult NASKA division at the age of 15.

His flashy style and creativity during his matches make him a must-watch fighter any time he steps into the ring. Saint has the basics to back up his flashy techniques as well, so he will be a fighter to keep your eyes on for years to come.

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