The United States Olympic Wrestling Trials concluded Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas capped by Kyle Dake's upset of 2012 gold medalist Jordan Burroughs in the 74 kg men's freestyle division. Burroughs had dominated the division for the past decade winning four world championships in addition to his Olympic gold while owning a 7-1 career mark against Dake. But Dake finally broke through Saturday defeating Burroughs 3-0 and then 3-2 in the best two out of three match series to gain the Olympic birth.

Two defending champions from the 2016 Olympics will be returning to seek their second gold medals as Kyle Snyder captured the men's 97 kg freestyle division while Helen Maroulis took the women's 57 kg class. The Greco-Roman category saw a brand new crop of first-time Olympians qualify. Overall, 15 of the 18 total divisions contested received automatic births to the Olympics while the winners of the men's freestyle 65 kg class and the Greco-Roman 77 kg and 130 kg divisions must still go through an international qualifying tournament next month in Bulgaria to earn their spots.


Yes, you, dear reader. Don't move.

Freeze and take notice of how you are standing or sitting. I'm willing to bet you're not standing or squatting in a completely brand new way. In fact, think about how many times you have actually positioned yourself in this exact same way.

Let's start with a fact we all know and agree on: There are only so many ways the common human body can move.

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Sumo wrestler Terunofuji capped a nearly three year comeback from knee surgery to win the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament Sunday in Tokyo and likely return to ozeki status, the sport's second highest rank. The Mongolian-born Terunofuji entered the event's last day of competition with a one win lead over three other wrestlers but was literally pushed to the brink by his final opponent, Takakeisho.

After Terunofuji missed an arm grab, Takakeisho shoved him up against the edge of the ring but couldn't quite force him out as the Mongolian righted himself and finally managed to push Takakeisho out of the circle for the tournament-clinching victory, the third top division title of his career. A one-time ozeki, Terunofuji was hampered by knee injuries and demoted in 2017. Following knee surgery in 2018 he was forced to compete among the sport's lowest levels, a first for a former ozeki. Sunday's win should finally enable his return to ozeki status.

This year's Sambo World Championships, originally scheduled to take place in Moscow, Russia in November, have been moved to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The Russian news agency TASS reported that the president of the All-Russia Sambo Federation, Sergei Yeliseyev, requested that the International Sambo Federation reschedule Moscow to host the world championships for 2025.

The request comes after a December ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport restricted Russia from hosting any world championship sporting events for two years as part of the punishment for a state-sponsored blood doping program among Olympic athletes. Several Olympic sports scheduled to hold world championships in Russia during this time period have sought to skirt the ban due to wording that says the location of the event does not have to be changed if it isn't legally or practically possible. However, sambo, which is still seeking status as a full Olympic sport, chose to comply.