Judo Blog: The Role of Photography in Judo Education

Shortly after I began doing judo in 1966, my friend brough an old Instamatic camera to the class and we shot a few pictures of my beloved late Sensei, Kyu Ha Kim and me. This led to me purchasing a 35mm range finder camera which eventually resulted in me building a darkroom under the basement steps in my childhood home. Photography like judo thus became another one of my lifelong hobbies!

Recently the IJF published this article on judo photography by Jo Crowley with photographs by Gabriela Sabau, Tamara Kulumbegashvili which I have reprinted for my blog for this week.

The Azerbaijan Judo Federation, in collaboration with the IJF, have included in their Baku Grand Slam program an opportunity for sport photographers to come together for a seminar with the IJF in-house team.

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