Traditional Arts
Traditional Arts
Have you heard of LimaLama?

LimaLama (also spelled “Limalama”) is a Samoan-inspired martial art. This self-defense system consists of circular motions and movements that are incorporated inside a set of techniques and forms.

It is notable for its fluid, dance-like movements which are inspired by the founder’s background. In 1965, Tu’umamao "Tino" Tuiolosega developed the art form and invented the word “Limalama” by blending the Somoan words lima (hand) and malamalama (understanding). Tuiolosega directly translates LimaLama to mean “hand of wisdom.”

The hand of wisdom is right considering roughly 60% of its curriculum is based on hand techniques. LimaLama also uses holds, hand strikes, traps and locks, wrestling, pressure points, takedowns, and kicking. Regarding weapons, the curriculum teaches knife and stick fighting techniques.

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