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MADrills is the martial arts industry's leading resource for tutorials, drills, and skills from numerous aspects of martial arts. Here are ten of the best videos on the site from a variety of styles for FREE!

Do you own a martial arts school and need some new ideas to keep your classes exciting? Are you a passionate martial artist who wants to diversify your training at home? Do you simply enjoy learning about new styles of martial arts? Whatever the case may be, MADrills is the subscription service for you. You can even get 50% off your first six months RIGHT NOW with the code MAD50. Keep reading to check out some of the best drills on the site!

Flexibility and Mobility

Dr. Jason Han is a co-founder of The Juice Athlete Compound and a former member of the United States National Taekwondo Team. In this video, Dr. Han combines the knowledge he gained as a certified physical therapist and high-level martial arts athlete to help you improve your flexibility and mobility for side kicks. This is a great way to get stretched out before trying some of the other drills on this list!


Harinder Singh is a world-renowned Jeet Kune Do expert who is very passionate about teaching his art. In this video, he discusses several ways to deflect a punch and counter. This principle is a very important element of self-defense that can be applied to almost any style of martial arts. In addition to his series on MADrills, Sifu Singh also has a "Jeet Kune Do for Black Belts" online course that you can check out here!

Mixed Martial Arts

John "The Pitmaster" Hackleman is a widely respected mixed martial arts coach who has trained UFC legends like Chuck Liddelll and Glover Teixeira. He has a solid collection of content on the MADrills website that includes MMA and Self-defense approaches to numerous techniques. In this video, he shares how you can defend a takedown with an overhook, putting yourself in position to deal some damage to your opponent.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Ricardo Liborio is an IBJJF World Champion from 1996 and won the Brazilian National Championship three times. In addition to being a world-class practitioner, he is also a very experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach who was recognized as the North American Grappling Association Coach of the Year in 2005. Here, he shares some of his most effective hip escape strategies. These maneuvers are essential to stepping up your BJJ game.

Olympic Tae Kwon Do

Herb Perez won an Olympic gold medal in Taekwondo at the 1992 Barcelona Games after defeating a Spaniard on home turf in the final match. In addition to being known as one of the greatest TKD fighters of his era, he is notorious for his powerful, effective kicking style. In this tutorial, he combines some front and rear-leg distance drills to help TKD artists improve their movement, distancing, and ultimately score more points in matches.

Sport Karate - Weapons

Jackson Rudolph is a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer as the 2018 Competitor of the Year and has won more ISKA U.S. Open World Weapons Titles than any male in history. His competitive success has given him a unique understanding of what most judges look for at an open martial arts tournament. In this video, he shares the four major elements that judges look for in forms and weapons divisions. He is also the founder of The Flow Weapons training system, a one-of-a-kind weapons curriculum that you can learn more about here.

Sport Karate - Forms

Mackensi Emory is also a Black Belt Hall of Famer as the Competitor of the Year in 2019 and teaches the Kama curriculum within The Flow System. In addition to being a technical and decorated kama competitor, Emory has won numerous titles for her extreme forms performances. Chop-punch combinations are a staple of modern sport karate competition, and in this tutorial she will break down one of the most popular combos used in all the major sport karate leagues.

Point Fighting

Tamas Imre and Laszlo Gombos are teammates of Jackson Rudolph and Mackensi Emory on the legendary Team Paul Mitchell Karate. Fighting out of the esteemed Kiraly Team Kickboxing Academy in Budapest, Hungary, both of these high-caliber point fighters are known for their speed and explosiveness. These world champions, assisted by Team Paul Mitchell's Executive Director Chris Rappold, will give away their secrets to having an effective reverse punch.


Apolo Ladra, yet another Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer (like most of the instructors on this list), is a respected authority on kali/escrima internationally. His Kali-4-Kids, KaliCombat, and KaliFitness programs have impacted martial arts schools around the world. On MADrills, he shares a great deal of knowledge about his unique art of Filipino stick fighting with a wide variety of drills and techniques. In this video, you can learn the Kab Kab, a cornerstone technique in the art of Kali.

Kung Fu

Last, but certainly not least, is a kung fu tutorial from Rob Campbell. Sifu Campbell opened his Kung Fu San Soo school in Okalhoma City with a mission to preserve the ancient art that he is so passionate about. Our friends at Century Marital Arts were kind enough to share his Tip of the Month series with them on MADrills! Check it out as he teaches the Windmill Block.

If you enjoyed this incredible selection of instructional videos from MADrills, head on over to their site and check out everything they have to offer! Don't forget, for a limited time you can get 50% off the first six months of your subscription with the code MAD50! Keep training hard!

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