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September, 2013,

In the March 2012 issue of Black Belt, Executive Editor Robert W. Young named MMA fighter Tim Kennedy the Most Dangerous Man in the World — and with good reason, given his at-that-time 14-3 (and now 16-3) MMA record driven by extensive training in karate, kickboxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu. However, as Young pointed out in his editorial, it’s Tim Kennedy’s extensive H2HC training and experience that truly make him the Most Dangerous Man in the World. Tim Kennedy's H2HC experience includes Army Basic Training, Airborne School, the Special Forces Qualification Course, serving on a counterterrorism unit in Iraq, Army Rangers Training, serving as a combatives instructor for the 7th Special Forces Group, plus completing the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) and the Special Operations Combative Program (SOCP). In addition to being a mixed martial arts fighter, this H2HC instructor is a staff sergeant in the Texas National Guard. In this exclusive video, H2HC expert Tim Kennedy demonstrates self-defense moves he acquired in Army Rangers Training and the Special Operations Combatives Program. Although he is wearing military gear, the H2HC concepts and basic self-defense moves are applicable to attacks in civilian life.

H2HC / SELF-DEFENSE MOVES VIDEO Tim Kennedy Demonstrates Self-Defense Moves Based on His Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) Training

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Tim Kennedy Puts Army Rangers Training Self-Defense Moves Into H2HC Action In the above H2HC video, Tim Kennedy is about to be ambushed by an assailant. The man grabs hold of the Army Rangers Training expert, who immediately implements his Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) training and raises his left leg to execute a foot stomp. He uses a rear head butt to create enough space to turn and face the attacker for execution of more self-defense moves. While holding the attacker, Tim Kennedy drives a knee thrust into his torso, then sweeps the nearest leg. When the opponent is down, Tim Kennedy strikes him while staying on his feet for maximum mobility in any further H2HC action. "During the hundreds of combat missions I went on, I never saw a guy who didn't have at least a long gun, a pistol and a knife," Tim Kennedy explains regarding the role of H2HC in Special Forces missions. "[Hand-to-hand combat] gives guys the opportunity to make space so they can get to their tools: their gun, their knife, their cuffs and so on." How Did the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) Develop? "You have to have a heads-up, prepared-for-anything martial art that’s fast, dynamic and dangerous," Tim Kennedy says. "You have to be able to do damage and then get back to the important stuff. Recognizing that, Greg Thompson developed SOCP. Now every Special Forces member trains in it." What Does the Future Hold for H2HC Expert Tim Kennedy? “Of course I want to get back onto an Operational Detachment Alpha team and be a shooter, but I think — I don’t think; other people think — that I would be better used as an instructor of hand-to-hand combat,” Tim Kennedy says. “I’ve been doing martial arts for 20 years now. They know I have the ability and the experience needed to teach the Special Forces, which a lot of people don’t have.”
For more information about H2HC expert and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, visit timmkennedymma.com and check out Tim Kennedy’s clothing company at rangerup.com.


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P. Malachi Bond May 2012
Create space is not necessarily a good thing, and many times has shown itself to be very bad for the "good guy". Is there a possibility for multiple attackers? In the scenario given (clearing a house/building), YES! What's the likelihood that the occupants of said building know you're there, hear you coming, and have weapons of their own? Create distance allows for weapon deployment. Creating space creates opportunities for your attacker. Why go through all this motions and movements when you could possibly go into their vital targets (throat and eyes – variables depending)? It’s easy to pull off a headbutt from a static attack as it is shown, but when you have another body crashing into your own and depending on the environmental variables, your emotional state, possible injuries, etc. etc. etc. you may not be able to pull off that headbutt. You could be pinned to furniture, a wall, a window pane, etc. You may not have the grounding and distance needed to torque your body for an effective head-butt. If your hands/arms become entangled in the rifle sling in the heat of the moment, then what? If you fall and they fall on top? If there’s already a weapon present that you don’t see (one should always assume a weapon – especially if they cannot see the attacker(s) two hands and all 10 fingers). There are way too many variables to have a set pattern. Height/Weight differences (physical variables) also come into play – the thread speaks to how civilians can do such things, even without the gear – but there is a heavy emphasis on using the gear in the video. Can your mother pull this off under a full-speed/full-power attack? It seems little more than the typical H-K-E method, only in military gear for the added “cool” effect. Have someone suit up (in a impact-reduction suit, like Marc Joseph's Spartan Training Gear) and play out the scenario full force, full speed and have your "attacker" try to kill you/rip off your head. Have that amount of force and intent, and see if your create space for HKE works.