Mick Coup Eye Gouges For Self Defense

close quarter combat
history of martial arts

July, 2011,

On March 8, 2007, reality-based self-defense expert Mick Coup visited the offices of Black Belt to be photographed for a feature article in the August 2007 issue. In the article, "Reach Out and Touch Someone," Mick Coup discusses the role of indexing and how this age-old skill--when properly tuned up and utilized--can propel your self-defense ability forward by a quantum leap. Mick Coup demonstrated several techniques and theories from his long history of martial arts training, six of which were captured on video. Mick Coup is the founder of Core Combatives. The England-based self-defense instructor has trained in jujutsu, kung fu, kickboxing and karate for 25 years. He currently works as a security specialist and military consultant.


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probably not going to be that effective. However, if she takes that punch and turns it into a finger spear to the eyes, and the right cross becomes an open-hand strike to the throat, then a knee to the groin and a
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positions to exploit the strength of, let’s face it, our usually smaller and weaker bodies. When gouging the attacker’s eyes, she said, aim for one eye and use all five fingers to really drive it in. When kneeing the groin