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April, 2013,

When Israeli officials want their soldiers to beef up their fighting skills, they send them to train in krav maga. For Israel's elite law-enforcement officers, soldiers and bodyguards, however, their training option of choice is krav maga security — a reality-based, close-quarters-combat system founded by Alain Cohen. Krav maga security is, of course, based on the Israeli martial art of krav maga. However, it takes the art in interesting directions — both mentally and physically — to make it especially appealing to security professionals. But is krav maga effective in situations involving kicks? In this exclusive krav maga video excerpt from his comprehensive six-DVD set Krav Maga Personal Protection: The Israeli Method of Close-Quarters Combat, Cohen presents options for handling a kick.

KRAV MAGA VIDEO Alain Cohen Demonstrates Krav Maga Security's Approach to Handling Kicks

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A hallmark of reality-based fighting is an emphasis on a smaller set of techniques, and krav maga security maintains that tradition. Alain Cohen believes that a "less is more" approach yields two benefits: 1. It prevents the freeze that can occur when a martial artist must choose just the krav maga technique from the hundreds (or even thousands) that he may know, and ... 2. It enables him to focus practice time on each of the fewer krav maga techniques.

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Through using this "less is more" approach, Alain Cohen says that “the student can better assimilate the essential principles in less time.” Ideas such as this have evidently worked for Alain Cohen. His krav maga security training program is taught in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark and Belgium in addition to Israel, where he’s based. Learn more about krav maga security techniques in Alain Cohen's six-DVD set Krav Maga Personal Protection: The Israeli Method of Close-Quarters Combat, which includes krav maga moves organized into six belt levels (leading to black belt). And check out these videos and articles featuring krav maga techniques taught by other top-notch experts!
To learn more about krav maga security, visit Alain Cohen's Krav Maga Federation site at krav-security.com.
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Bruce Blough Sep 2012
Krav maga limits going to the ground, as you would be more vulnerable to other attackers. I would think that these moves would be useful if your opponent is alone and you are sure that anyone else around is on your side. Does Alain Cohen have a response to this?
Chris James Sep 2012
As a Police Officer and trainer I totally disagree with Cohen's video. I would never instruct officers to go to ground with a subject. With the limited amount of time for training and the lack of interest by many officers to continue to train, we train simple but effective techniques. The main goal in a sudden encounter is to separate, escalate and re-access the situation. The throws to the ground are fine but the next step is to create distance and go to the tools on our belts. If we're going to carry around an extra 25 pounds on a belt we better use those tools!
Raven Hicks Apr 2013
As a Law Enforcement Officer and Security Professional for over 20 years this video is completely inappropriate for our profession. Going to the ground is a last resort, when I stumble or fall, that should never be considered as a viable tactic. It is unfortunate that people who do not know the realities of police work put themselves out as knowing. In the real world the ground is the place you get hurt or die. If you are off duty, alone, unarmed and there is only one attacker in a protected environment then you may consider these skills, other than that, forget it.
chris chris Apr 2013
on top of the comments about not going to the ground -where I totally agree - some more: * i doubt that Israels soldiers train this kind of krav maga. why should they train something a guy (alain cohen) invents (for marketing reasons?) by his own instead of relying on 50+ years of their own Krav Maga experience? more to that topic here http://kravmaganewyork.blogspot.co.at/ * regarding the technique itself: I learned to use use the arm to deflect the kick, moving it forward along the leg and lifting it up, rotating the upper body (counter clockwise as in the above scenario), attacking with the right fist at the same time.