Israeli Martial Arts Krav Maga Expert Eyal Yanilov Shows You How To Disable An Opponent And Defend Yourself From The Ground

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June, 2014,

Krav maga expert Eyal Yanilov in action.Eyal Yanilov is, by far, one of the most respected krav maga practitioners in the world today. He is currently listed as "master level 3/expert level 8" in krav maga — the highest rank krav maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld ever awarded to any student. Eyal Yanilov's official title today is chief instructor of Krav Maga Global, the organization he founded in 2010 to spread real krav maga to the world. In the cover story for the March 2011 issue of Black Belt, Eyal Yanilov demonstrated a series of krav maga defenses against variations of the front kick. In this exclusive video, Eyal Yanilov demonstrates his "disable and defend" moves.

KRAV MAGA TECHNIQUE VIDEO Eyal Yanilov Shows You How to Disable an Opponent and Defend Yourself From the Ground Using Krav Maga

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In the above video's technique sequence, Eyal Yanilov is sitting on the ground when the aggressor approaches and begins his kick. "In the sitting position," Eyal Yanilov explains, "[I will deflect] the kick when moving the body out from the area of the attack." The krav maga expert shifts to his left to evade the foot and simultaneously deflects the leg with his left arm. "We call it 200-percent defense," Eyal Yanilov says. "One-hundred-percent efficiency with the hand, 100-percent efficiency with the body." Eyal Yanilov explains the final section of the krav maga technique: "As soon as I [can], I counterattack. The moment I [shift] my weight and there's no weight on the legs, I [can] already function to kick with them." Eyal Yanilov then falls onto his left side and unleashes side kicks to the man's leg and body, which prompts him to explain, "From this position, I attack ... and from this position, either I continue to attack or move away from the danger zone," as he finishes his opponent and escapes. Eyal Yanilov began his training in the Israeli art at age 14 under Eli Avikzar but then shifted to the legendary Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of the system. Eyal Yanilov so impressed the krav maga master that he became Imi Lichtenfeld's assistant. His primary assignment was to commit the art's principles and techniques to paper. The result was Krav Maga: How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault, co-written by Imi Lichtenfeld (as Imi Sde-Or) and Eyal Yanilov, which was published in 2001 — three years after the founder passed away.

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David Chan Aug 2011
I think if this technique was followed up with the right arm after the left arm, it will be a 300% defense! http://instituteofcombativearts.com/
Krav Maga Expert Eyal Yan... Sep 2011
here: Krav Maga Expert Eyal Yanilov Shows You How to Disable an … ← Thought Leaders Blog: The Million Dollar Expert's Revenue Model Martial Art Belt
Paul Duffy May 2012
Eyal is the master! Too many rogue Krav instructors around these days it's good to see it done right. <a href="http://krav.ie" rel="nofollow">http://krav.ie</a>
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Brian Rushby Nov 2014
As you know I myself am a martial artist. I have got to practitioner grade four in Krav Maga. I hold that in street combat Krav Maga has only one rival that is full on street CQC. I have trained in this in use of Karambit knife and many other weapons.This is why I have a lot of respect for Krav Maga. Yours Sifu Brian Rushby