BREAKING: Team Paul Mitchell Signs Four Elite Point Fighters

Devon Hopper Kameren Ali-Dawson Darren Payne KiTana Everett
Photo Courtesy: Team Paul Mitchell

In one of the largest moves in recent memory, Team Paul Mitchell has added Kameren Ali-Dawson, Ki'Tana Everett, Devon Hopper, and Darren "Dee Stacks" Payne to their star-studded roster. Each of these accomplished martial artists have remarkable résumés, with recent achievements including a SuperFights title at the Ocean State Grand Nationals for Ali-Dawson, the ISKA U.S. Open open weight championship for Hopper, as well as Everett and Dee Stacks each winning Warrior Cup titles in 2022. These accolades just scratch the surface for these athletes, and Team Paul Mitchell expects many more titles in the future for this group.

The implications of this move are numerous and significant. For the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic, JPM will have the ability to field a men's team fighting squad. As for the women, Ki'Tana Everett joins Katarina Herman to form a dynamic duo for the women's team sparring division. Aside from the team events, the move also gives Team Paul Mitchell incredible depth across many of the individual divisions.

In the team's official announcement on social media, Coach Damon Gilbert said the following:

These young fighters fit the mold that I am looking for. Kam is part of my bloodline. I won’t be satisfied until he reaches all of his goals. Our bond is deeper than sport karate.

Ki’Tana is one of the best in the game right now and she is still getting better.

Stacks has a huge upside and I have always wanted to work with him.

Devon Hopper has proven that he is pound-for-pound one of the best fighters in the country. His 2023 season is one of the best of any fighter on the circuit.

I’m very happy to have these fighters join our JPM Ohana.

It is apparent how enthusiastic Coach Gilbert is about his new team members, and his squad is set up for a long run of success. Alex Mancillas has held his own for the fighting team for several years, and was recently joined by Sean Magallanes. Then there is the amazing pair of junior fighters in Sebastian Villanueva and Jake Mueck who just won an ISKA world championship in 2v2 team sparring at the U.S. Open. The addition of these athletes to the strong young core is sure to make waves through the sport karate world in the coming years. The new-look team in Black and White is expected to make their debut at the U.S. Capitol Classics in just a few weeks.

Official Post from Team Paul Mitchell:

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