Oxford English Dictionary Adds "Tang Soo Do"

The Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary extends hunt for regional words around the world

In its most recent update the Oxford English Dictionary added 26 Korean words, the most notable for readers here being the Korean martial art of "tang soo do." The OED has now enshrined it with the official definition, "A Korean martial art using the hands and feet to deliver and block blows, similar to karate."

The entry notes the first known English-language use of the term came in a 1957 issue of Pacific Stars & Stripes (Tokyo) which also identified tang soo do as a form of karate. But Stars & Stripes incorrectly attributed tang soo do's origin to 17th century Korea while it's actually a 20th century innovation. The recent changes to the dictionary additionally include a revision for the "taekwondo" entry with an updated etymology.

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