Century BOB
Jim Wagner
From time-to-time American and foreign companies come to me to test their new products. These companies range from manufacturers of tactical products specifically for military and law enforcement use to products for civilian self-defense or training. They come to me because they know that I’ll test their products under realistic conditions, and that I’ll give them a true and accurate report when I am finished with the testing. If I don’t like a product I won’t recommend it, but if I like a product, then I’ll not only endorse it, putting my name and reputation behind it.
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Mackenzie Emory Kamas
Century Martial Arts
In the long history of humankind, weapons had one of the most significant roles in human development. From the very beginning of man's existence, he has been fighting and waging wars with other men. Under the influence of human imagination, from these numerous battles and wars have originated various different and often unusual weapons. Many of these historical weapons are hard to grasp and its purpose is hard to be understood by contemporary men.
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The Whip as a Martial Arts Weapon
Shutterstock.com / Anna Jurkovska
It is impossible to precisely say when and where was the whip started to be used as a weapon in human history and, more precisely, when and where did it start to be used as a martial arts weapon. The origins of this weapon are still being determined by many historians around the world. However, they all agree that the whip is a very old tool and perhaps even one of the oldest weapons in the history of mankind. Its history is several thousands of years old. During that time, its appearance, area of usage and the materials used to make it have often changed. It is very difficult to trace the different shapes it has taken on in daily life.
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Throwing weapons
From the dawn of time, men have been throwing various objects from their environment with the aim to hit a certain small animal or a fruit from high and unreachable branches. These first object were surely made out of stone, bone or wood and were thrown solely using the force of arm muscles. So, in the beginning of the Stone Age period, man used stone in order to strike a certain target which, very soon, became another, hostile human being. This is how man quickly started to use various throwing objects with the purpose of hitting, disabling or even killing his enemy.
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