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2021 US Open
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ISKA US Open Karate

Press Release - Orlando Florida USA 9/1/20:

The US OPEN formally announced today that it will defer its 2020 event, joining the other major NASKA World 6A Tour events who have already announced that their 2020 events would not be held.

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Steve Nasty Anderson Remembers the Decade He Spent on Top of Sport Karate

On January 24, 2020, Steve "Nasty" Anderson, for decades an international leader in the martial arts community, passed away in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In honor of all the contributions and accomplishments made by this Black Belt Hall of Famer, we are posting this 2002 interview so he is remembered by posterity.

Steve Anderson is an icon in the sport-karate universe. The native of Toledo, Ohio, spent time in various parts of the country before settling in Southern California in 1973, where he rose to the top of the circuit and acquired the nickname "Nasty." The Black Belt Hall of Famer now operates two schools in Ontario, Canada, and oversees the instruction of some 500 students. We caught up with him for the purposes of this interview. We're confident you will find his recollections as enlightening and entertaining as we did.

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Mike McCoy and Mike Sawyer

Join Black Belt Hall of Famer Jackson Rudolph as he interviews Co-Founders of the ISKA US Open Tournament Mike Sawyer and Mike McCoy.