Sammy Smith Tricking
Century Martial Arts
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to tricking at a very young age. At five years old I was invited to become part of the competition team at my karate studio. During the competition team training classes, we would work on an array of things: open forms, weapons, self-defense, demo, and tricks.
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Photo Courtesy: Carmichael Simon

Tension pulls from within the soul, excitement evaporates throughout the body, and spirituality flows through hundreds of Martial Arts Trickers patiently awaiting the battle of the year. As cameramen step on the spring floor, an elite group of East Coast decorative sport karate champions gain sight on their flamboyant West Coast opponents. We are at Loopkicks 2005 in San Jose, California.

Loopkicks is the cornerstone for global martial arts tricking. Since the new millennium, annual gatherings of international movement lifestyle practitioners would train, educate, and showcase their talent, however on this night a generation of XiaolinGruv Munks would begin their journey to become some of the most influential stunt and dance choreographers within the Film and Entertainment industry.

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Jon Valera

Jon Valera was a pioneer of extreme martial arts and his competitive career would go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. He famously retired after winning both the forms and weapons overall grand championships at the prestigious Diamond Nationals in 1999, with a speech that tugged the heartstrings of everyone in the sport karate community.

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Live Sport Karate Kama Seminar with Mackensi Emory

Join Black Belt Magazine's 2019 Competitor of the Year to learn some tips and techniques that have helped her become one of the top kama competitors in the world. Keep reading to view the seminar for FREE!

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