Michael Guthrie Jacob Pinto
Photo Courtesy: Adrenaline Worldwide

With the Adrenaline Experience capped off by the Adrenaline World Games approaching July 5-7, co-founders and entrepreneurs Maguire and Jimmy Kane have announced the return of two tricking legends as they join forces to challenge formidable 2v2 tricking opponents in what is projected to be one of the largest performance martial arts events in the world. Jacob Pinto and Michael Guthrie, collectively referred to as the "GOAT Brothas" following their iconic 2016 sampler by the same title, will be testing their skills against Daisuke and Reiji Takahashi. The Takahashi Brothers have championship pedigree and are known for their synergy while combining difficult tricking skills with unique performance value. However, the champs will have a tall task when two of the best to ever do it stand across the stage from them at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

For those who are not familiar, tricking is a style of movement that originated from extreme variations of martial arts kicking skills and has evolved to feature elements of gymnastics, breakdancing, parkour, and more. Despite all the influence from various movement arts, the martial aspect of tricking remains evident in the form of predominantly hook and round kicks that are essential to so many tricking techniques and combinations. Adrenaline Worldwide has developed a platform with a higher standard of professionalism than we have ever seen before in this relatively underground sport, and the brand has the potential to bring tricking athletes into the public eye.

The announcement of Guthrie and Pinto battling side-by-side is monumental news within the tricking community. If someone asks who the greatest golfer of all time is, it is safe to assume that the answer will be Tiger Woods. If someone asks who the greatest tricker of all time is, most would say the only acceptable answer is Michael Guthrie. He is the man who revolutionized tricking following in the footsteps of the sports original pioneers and catapulting his skills to a whole new level. Jacob Pinto, on the other hand, is a tricker that appears on many tricking fans' Mount Rushmore. The 2015 RedBull Kick It AND RedBull Throwdown champion has left an indelible mark on the history of tricking that will live on for generations. The aforementioned sampler can be viewed below and is an excellent showcase of these athletes' incredible skill, the video itself being a common YouTube search for fans of tricking around the world.

In the broader scope of martial arts, Guthrie and Pinto have each used their remarkable tricking skills in combination with traditional martial arts training that provided the foundation needed to find success in the world of sport karate. Guthrie represented the AmeriKick World Competition Team during the prime of his sport martial arts career and added prestigious titles to his résumé like an ISKA world championship and a Warrior Cup. Pinto represented the All Stars for several years and later returned to Team AKA as a captain, and bolstered an impressive list of wins under his belt including ISKA world championships of his own and a pair of diamond rings from the Diamond Nationals.

It was also recently announced that Guthrie will be defending his 1v1 tricking title against Alexander Andersen in the main event of the Adrenaline World Games. With both men capable of landing the elusive quadruple cork, this matchup is sure to produce fireworks the week of Independence Day. The week-long event features much more than just the world class competition at the end, including contender's divisions with open registration, a tricking gathering, and seminars covering a wide variety of performance martial arts subjects taught by reputable instructors from around the globe. For more information, visit AdrenalineWorldwide.com.

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