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Bad Boys & Grim Gals

Frustrating Habits in Martial Arts Partners

I believe most Martial Artists would agree that partners add a ton of positives to our training. In the most basic ways, they assist in learning proper targeting, blocks, weapon formulation, footwork and much more. When our training partners become friends, they go a step further and offer encouragement, guidance, and accountability amongst other helpful qualities. That said, I would be amiss if I didn’t take an opportunity to poke a little fun at some of the frustrating habits that some may display. Please don’t misunderstand. These don’t define the individual, as most of us have our own quirks where we may see a bit of ourselves in a couple of these descriptions. This article is meant to add some fun to the topic and remind us of what not to do to be a good partner. Now, let’s dig into the qualities that make for Bad Boys and Grim Gals in the dojo.
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