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My BJJ Coaches Tell Their Stories

The popularity of Brazilian jiu-jitsu has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Roughly twenty years ago, Mike Ross, a friend of mine at work, was starting his journey in the expanding world of BJJ. A conversation we had piqued my interest in the art, but it was yet to be my time. Now, he successfully runs a school in Michigan. Many years later, while holding the rank of black belt in multiple systems, by a twist in fate, I found myself in BJJ class in Los Angeles, starting over once again at white belt for the fourth time. Those classes were with Professor Gustavo Gasperin. It was with Mr. Gasperin that I found my bearings in BJJ. I later moved back to my hometown in Ohio and searched for what would be my next grappling school. There, I met Mr. Cable, whom I train with to this day.

I have found intriguing insight and perspective from each of these men over the years. If you have any interest in BJJ, I trust you will find some valuable pearls of wisdom as well. To the interview…

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