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When you hit another person in a fight, you can never know for certain what the effect will be, says Tim Larkin, founder of the self-defense system known as Target Focus Training.

When you hit another person in a fight, you can never know for certain what the effect will be, says Tim Larkin, founder of the self-defense system known as Target Focus Training. "I like to show clients back-to-back videos in which the human body takes a tremendous amount of punishment — really good bar fights in which they’re going at it, knocking the hell out of each other," Tim Larkin says. "At the end [of the first one], the guys are able to get up and walk away. ‘Isn’t it amazing?’ I ask. ‘Look what the human body can take!’ “Then I show a short video of a bar fight that starts the same way. One punch and the guy hits his head on the concrete and dies. There’s silence when I do that. They realize it’s a roulette wheel every time you put your hands on somebody. "If you cross the physical plane to protect yourself, you have to be OK with the fact that you or the other person could end up seriously injured or dead. The situation had better warrant it.” To see Tim Larkin in action, watch these exclusive self-defense videos, brought to you by Black Belt: How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker Carrying a Knife How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker Using Target Focus Training Street-Fighting Tips Incorporating Bodyweight in Self-Defense Techniques

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Get inside the tactical mind of Target Focus Training founder Tim Larkin as he explains why the brain is your biggest weapon when it comes to defending yourself — even against an armed attacker!

"[Target Focus Training deals primarily with] asocial violence," says Tim Larkin, the Black Belt Hall of Fame Self-Defense Instructor of the Year. "[Asocial violence] refers to those rare instances in which you need to respond with violence; if you don't, you're essentially participating in your own murder." And thus begins another lesson in how to defend yourself from an attacker from the recently controversial Tim Larkin, founder of the fighting system known as Target Focus Training. In this exclusive video, this expert in the instruction of self-defense moves delves into how to defend yourself against an attacker wielding a knife using close-range fighting techniques to your tactical advantage.

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In this exclusive video, martial arts notables share how Black Belt magazine has built an industry, has educated the public about international styles and has served as an authoritative source to shape the career paths of future martial artists.

In this new martial arts history video, top martial artists and industry leaders share how the iconic Black Belt magazine changed not only the martial arts industry at large but also each of their paths along the way. Actor Michael Jai White, Olympic judoka Kayla Harrison, MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, self-defense expert Tim Larkin, wing chun grandmaster William Cheung, martial arts film director Isaac Florentine, tang soo do master C. S. Kim, cane master Mark Shuey, Deadliest Warrior co-host Geoff Desmoulin, sport-karate champion Steve "Nasty" Anderson, kyokushin karate shihan Brian Bastien, Olympic judoka and two-time Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee Pat Burris, and Century Martial Arts CEO Mike Dillard graciously offered their thoughts on the history and influence of the world’s leading martial arts magazine!

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