Win More Fights by Recognizing What Your Opponent Will Do Next — Let "Super" Dan Anderson Show You the Way!

How many times have you entered the ring at a martial arts competition and faced your opponent — and had no idea what he or she was about to throw at you? If you're like most martial artists, you probably haven't seen this particular opponent fight before. And because of the fleeting nature of most kumite matches, you probably won't have time to "feel out" the person.

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There are 67 official throws in Judo. Xing Yi Quan has 5 element forms, twelve animal forms, linking forms, and weapons forms. Shou Shu Kung fu has over 100 techniques. No doubt, the art you study has a plethora of material as well. What if you focused on one thing?

While it is exciting to learn that next new technique, and amass a wealth of material, what if you chose one thing (kick, punch, throw, submission), and wrung every ounce of power, application and use from it? What if you refined that one thing and made it your ultimate "go to" technique? Take one thing and make it your best.

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How Breathing Right Can Enhance Your Martial Arts Performance and Your Life

What if I told you that strength, speed, power and health all start with your nose? Depending on how you breathe, you can either maximize or depress your martial arts performance. Just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're breathing correctly. Things like stress, the common cold and our modern lifestyle can make your breathing pattern worse.Ideally, proper breathing will be taught while a martial artist is still young — Brazilian karate champion Igor Leite learned from his father and karate sensei when he was 4 years old. With the right instruction, however, the skill readily can be acquired later in life."Breathing properly must be learned, practiced and made a habit by everyone," says Leite, now 36. "Everyone is born breathing through the nose, but as people get older, they unconsciously switch their breathing from the nose to the mouth."There are too many things in modern life — like sitting too much, working, stress, inactivity, etc. — that [compromise] our breathing pattern. We must be mindful about our breathing to optimize and maximize its energy. If not, it will lead to a path that worsens health and impedes strength."With a little effort, breathing correctly can become natural for you, just as it is for Leite. Then you'll be fully aware and mindful of your inhalations and exhalations at all times while reaping the benefits as you practice your art, he says.

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