7 Types of Karate Sparring

What You Need to Know to Find the One That Is Right for You!

To karate practitioners, kumite (fighting or sparring) is the culmination of all training. Whether you study the martial arts for self-defense, competition or personal improvement, kumite serves many useful purposes. It is more than just fighting, however. It's a direct link to karate's origin and intent, as well as a personal expression of you as a martial artist.

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Richard Plowden - The Patriarch of the Plowden Family Legacy

I love this quote, "Man plans and God laughs." That is a statement from former sport karate World Champion now coach of Team Impex, Richard Plowden. He is also President of the World Karate Kickboxing Commission USA and proud father of present World Championship competitors Morgan and Richard Avery Plowden. "I never thought that the martial arts would play such a huge role in my life, let alone the lives of my offspring", Plowden said.

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Troy Binns and Tyreeke Saint

Promoter Jessie Wray has made his first announcement for Virtual Fight Tour IV, and it's another exciting clash of point fighting stars.

The fourth installment of the Virtual Fight Tour has been scheduled for December 19th and will feature the first team fight in the promotion. The 2-man team fight will pit two of the best teams in the sport against one another as Team Top Ten USA will go to battle against Team All Stars. Top Ten USA will be represented by the dynamic duo of Tyreeke Saint and Troy Binns, who were acquired in January. Kevin Walker, who won his solo appearance in the Virtual Fight Tour against the formidable Ryan George, will be joined by Canadian super lightweight legend Robbie Lavoie to represent the All Stars. Regardless of which fighters wind up facing one another, it is sure to make for an exciting fight. The other fights for Virtual Fight Tour IV are yet to be announced.

For more news and updates about the Virtual Fight Tour, stay tuned to Black Belt Magazine.


It's been announced that due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 World Sambo Championships have been moved from their originally scheduled location in Turkmenistan to the nation of Serbia. The championships, which will include sambo, combat sambo and women's sambo, will run from November 5-8 and be held in conjunction with the World Youth and Junior Sambo Championships, which were already set to be held in Novi Sad, Serbia.