self defense weapons

Combat Cane
Combat cane is a very simple but effective weapon. The cane is able to be carried in to any courtroom, post office, bank, airplane even the Whitehouse. The cane is designed to effectively stop an attacker no matter the size or strength. By learning the cane you than get an understanding of the power within the cane, but only by practicing, can you walk anywhere with confidence.
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Conrad Bui Weapons

The world is a dangerous place.

But you already know that. As a martial artist, you probably enjoy the physical fitness, the challenge and the camaraderie that is found in training martial arts. And beyond these benefits, you know that you will have a greater chance of preventing and escaping violence should it ever rear its ugly head. What else can you do to improve your odds of surviving a violent encounter? Well, some martial artists carry weapons; from tactical pens to pepper spray, from knives to firearms. Many responsible citizens equip themselves with weapons that fall inside the scope of their local laws.

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Betty Jo is home alone, wearing her favorite flannel nightgown. She shuffles into her U-shaped kitchen and fixes herself a cup of Sweet Dreams tea. Suddenly, the kitchen door is kicked in and the prospect of sweet dreams turns into her worst nightmare. “Shut up! Shut the f*** up!” the hulking man spews as he closes in. Fearing for her life, Betty Jo backpedals in horror, becoming trapped in a corner. The attacker slaps and punches her, knocking her to the floor. ... The rest of Betty Jo’s nightmare appears in the morning papers.

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