self defense techniques

self defense

The best defense from an attack, and only way to guarantee your safety, is to avoid it all together without even needing to physically defend yourself or a loved one. But should you end up in a bad situation, how you handle yourself and relate to the threat can diffuse it before it becomes physical. If that doesn’t work, then the end result of the altercation will depend upon your training in the past and fortitude in the moment.

In essence there are three main stages of self-defense, which can be summarized as avoiding, diffusing and engaging. As a martial artist, your goal should be to maximize your or your student’s abilities in each of these phases. To do so effectively, focus on what I like to call “The Self-Defense APP.” The Self-Defense APP reminds us to work on these three areas of self-defense by concentrating on and improving our Awareness, Presentation and Preparation during our training.

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