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Prop Gun
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Many martial artists have been following the incident, investigation, and the ongoing ugly litigation of the tragic Rust movie set shooting that resulted in one death and one injury by the hand of actor Alec Baldwin on at 1:51 p.m. on October 22, 2021. The reason for paying close attention to this incident is that many martial arts schools around the world include firearms training in their curriculum, something I recommended to Black Belt Magazine readers going back to 1999, at various levels: non-firing replicas (such as rubber, plastic, or wooden training guns for take-aways), paintball guns and airsoft guns for realistic scenarios, and real firearms on a live-fire gun range for self-defense. However, along with the use of any firearm for self-defense training, be non-firing ones or the real thing, comes specific safety protocols that must be followed, or else you can end up being the next "Rust story."

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black belt
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The website reported on a video posted to the Instagram account saintavenue_ent1 which apparently shows closed camera security footage of a man employing some martial arts skills to fight off what seems to be a pair of blade-wielding assailants. The footage shows a man and woman unlocking a building door when they sense the two attackers approaching.
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Gun range practice
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It’s been just over 20 years since I first started recommending in my Black Belt Magazine articles that all martial arts schools, at least those that teach self-defense, to use airsoft guns for realistic techniques, tactics, and scenarios when it comes to defense against pistols and rifles. For those of you that may not be familiar with airsoft guns, they are training guns that fire a 6mm plastic projectile accurately up to 21 feet (7 meters). Well, if you’re in one of those reality-based schools or groups that heeded my advice over the years, or you’re just now ready to start learning how to survive criminal or terrorist attacks involving firearms, since shootings have doubled since last year, then bravo!
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Century BOB
Jim Wagner
From time-to-time American and foreign companies come to me to test their new products. These companies range from manufacturers of tactical products specifically for military and law enforcement use to products for civilian self-defense or training. They come to me because they know that I’ll test their products under realistic conditions, and that I’ll give them a true and accurate report when I am finished with the testing. If I don’t like a product I won’t recommend it, but if I like a product, then I’ll not only endorse it, putting my name and reputation behind it.
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