round kick

Learn the mechanics and do the drills, then unleash the beast that is your round kick!

Because of its versatility and power, the round kick — known to some martial artists as the turning kick, the saber kick or the roundhouse kick — is one of the most common leg techniques in our world. No matter your particular interpretation, the basics are the same: You swing your leg along an arc until your foot or shin strikes the target.

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Ever wanted to attend a Bill Wallace fight clinic? Ever wondered what goes on at one? This piece by a martial artist who just hosted Superfoot reveals a talented and dedicated teacher who loves what he does!

On this slow Sunday afternoon, I find myself reflecting on the time I spent with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace yesterday. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to be able to train with some legends of the martial arts — from kickboxer Bill Wallace to full-contact karate fighter Joe Lewis to Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Renzo Gracie — but I must say that the Superfoot seminar I just hosted ranks near the top of the list. The reason is multifaceted: Wallace’s fighting strategies are top-notch, and they make more sense the more you interact with him. In addition, his delivery is entertaining, active and fresh. Finally, it all comes from a 70-year-old martial artist who’s probably forgotten more about fighting than you and I will ever know.

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Kyokushin fighter Kenji Yamaki takes you back to basics -- with the special edge of an advanced practitioner -- teaching three karate kicks that should serve as the backbone of your arsenal!

The power-vs.-speed debate has raged in martial arts circles for decades. As soon as a rapid-fire striker convinces you that speed is the key to victory, along comes a powerhouse prodigy who’ll bend you back toward the other extreme.

But now there’s a newcomer from Japan who’s set up shop in the Los Angeles suburb of Culver City, and he just might settle the debate once and for all. His name is Kenji Yamaki, and he was one of the top kyokushin karate competitors in Japan. He recently started teaching his own style of knockdown karate, which he’s dubbed yamaki-ryu.

Having come from a system made famous by Masutatsu Oyama’s murderous striking techniques, Kenji Yamaki favors an arsenal laced with kicks that are frighteningly powerful and lightning fast.

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In Part 3 of our three-part series on Lyoto Machida fighting techniques, we look at his boxing, sweeps, kicks and fight plan. Learn how you, too, can use shotokan karate tactics in the octagon!

In Part 3 of our three-part analysis of Lyoto Machida's fighting techniques, we look at his boxing, sweeps, kicks and fight plan. (Be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series!)

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