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Self-defense often doesn't look like it is, by necessity of the medium, presented in martial arts magazines ... but that doesn't make it any less effective, according to self-defense expert Rob Pincus in this exclusive video.

You're out for a walk in the city at night and a man approaches you. Before you know it, he comes at you for a knife attack. What do you do? In a martial arts magazine, self-defense expertsc ould suggest a variety of counterattacks — some from the traditional martial arts arena, some from the modern martial arts such as krav maga ,and others from the reality-based self-defense world of combatives and the like. The common element, though, would be a picture-perfect execution. "Assailants" attack when the self-defense instructor tells them to, the photographer directs the angle, and there would probably be the opportunity for a second take — not to mention the in-studio snacks and option for lunch when the shoot wraps. But what does a not-so-picture-perfect knife-attack scenario look like? Combat Focus Shooting expert Rob Pincus talks about that in his latest video, shot exclusively for

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You have a gun. They have a knife. How do you handle this situation? Close-quarters-combat expert Rob Pincus shows you in this exclusive self-defense video!

Rob Pincus is an internationally known firearms trainer who teaches both end-user and instructor-development self-defense courses. In this exclusive self-defense video, this close-quarters-combat expert shows you how to use a technique called "duck under to side control" in a situation when you have a handgun and an attacker with a knife threatens your safety

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The self-defense moves you implement, once you’re in a close-quarters fight for your life (See How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker — Part 1: Rob Pincus on the Principles of Using Firearms as Self-Defense Weapons!), can be broken down into the following three steps: How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker — Step 1: React and Respond Counter-ambush training dictates that your battle plan of self-defense moves must integrate the body’s natural reactions to fear and being startled. At the outset of an attack, you experience several predictable automatic responses, including raising your hands to protect your head and lowering your center of gravity to prepare for movement. Both should become part of your self-defense-moves training. The leader in the unarmed startle-response world is undoubtedly Tony Blauer. I began training with him, in his SPEAR System, a decade ago. I’ve attended several of his courses on how to defend yourself against an attacker, worked closely with him and incorporated several of the self-defense moves he espouses into my armed and unarmed programs.

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