reality based defense

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You’re driving down a residential street behind a car, when suddenly you see a basketball roll out into the street in front of the car in front of you. Your foot is automatically moving onto the brake pedal, but the car in front of you doesn’t slow down as indicated by the absence of brake lights. Then your fear comes to fruition. A little boy, between seven and nine years old, is chasing the ball out into the street without looking for cars.
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How to protect yourself during a riot

Antifa riots, BLM riots, spring break riots in Miami, riots in Cuba, anti-vaccine passport riots across Europe, South Africa riots, and tomorrow's forecast is going to be more of the same – riots.

How would you protect yourself if you got caught in the middle of a riot where rocks and bottles are being thrown at you? If you're a member of a riot police unit, or perhaps a National Guard soldier quelling unrest, you're going to use an ancient Roman army foot formation called the Testudo, "tortoise," which is a formation where the front row of police officers or soldiers have their riot shields facing the rioters, while the following rows have their shields above their heads to create a protective "roof" against objects raining down upon them. This technique is still taught to riot units worldwide, along with other ancient battle formations.

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Cyber Stalker
Have you ever been scammed or catfished online? One out of every two Americans have, including myself. More and more Americans are now using the internet to find love. There are so many online services and dating apps out there. An estimated forty million Americans are connecting online to meet someone new. You want to have some safety precautions in place and some self defense knowledge. Knowing simple steps for your safety when interacting with others online is self-protection. Dating apps do not conduct criminal background checks on users, so it is up to you to determine if you are comfortable meeting up with someone you met on social media.
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Knifehand Strike Is the Key to Self-Defense

The Knifehand Strike Is Part of Almost Every Martial Art Because It Works!

It's been called the edge-of-the-hand strike, the knifehand, the ax hand, the shuto, the thousand-hand strike and the judo chop. It can be found in virtually every martial art from karate to kung fu and in every kata from those practiced at the Kodokan to those done at Kukkiwon.

So how did this time-honored technique go from martial arts mainstream to martial arts punch line? How did the only strike found in almost every established martial art go from secret technique to something your grandfather did?

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