Punch vs Palm Strike

Most people in the world have received no formal self-defense training whatsoever, and yet they (men) instinctively know to ball up their fists and strike their opponent with them, while women tend to use open hand strikes.

That's just the way the sexes are "hard wired." You don't believe me? Go inside any bar in the world on a Friday night, whether in Frankfurt, Germany or Los Angeles, USA and observe two men go at it. It's a slugfest. On the other hand, what do you think you're going to see when two women are fighting each other? They call it a "cat fight" for a reason: scratching, slapping, pulling of hair and clothes. Obviously, nothing is 100% of the time, because I've seen some female gang members ball up their fists and beat their victims senseless, while I've seen a few men go spastic with slapping like motions. As a former law enforcement officer, I've have had to break up a lot of fights, not to mention being attacked many times by both men and women, and I feel confident standing by the stereotypes.

Let's face it. There's not much to punching. It's not rocket science. You make a tight fist, then as fast and as hard as you can, you drive it through someone's face, ribs, or stomach.

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