12+1 PRO Weight Loss Tips From Grappling World Champions

Learn from the best how to make a BJJ diet plan that’s effective and sustainable for life

Arguably one of the most influential factors in sustainable weight loss throughout your life is your eating habits. Exercise, sleep, meal timing, supplements, etc., all play vital roles in the weight loss equation, but as nearly every dietitian will agree, you can eat far more calories more quickly than you can burn with an inadequate diet.

Especially if you are planning to test your metal on the competition scene soon, keeping yourself in the best physical shape possible will be paramount. Many athletes cut far too much weight too soon and are left exhausted and depleted of vital energy when they need it most, on competition day…. don’t let that be you, and choose a wiser path forward in your eating habits. To aid in your efforts, below are a few tips from world champion grappling athletes to help guide you to a successful and sustainable diet plan for life.

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