Bruce Lee Nunchaku

When explaining the origin of the nunchaku, we need to follow different historical paths which lead us to ancient history and direct us towards research of various old stories and tales. With their help, we are able to follow the facts which take us to the history of the development of the nunchaku.

Although it was an agricultural tool which was made out of two connected sticks shaped like a wheat, rice or soy flail, it was used in different parts of the world, such as Gallia, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, India etc.

Today we can, with upmost certainty, say that China is the country where a specific kind of flail (two connected sticks) has originated from. It was used as a tool, but also as a weapon which is today used in martial arts under a well- known name- nunchaku (双截棍). A number of facts dating from different historical periods go in favor of that thesis. Exploring various old legends, we are bound to come across and find out about this one.

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