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In a bizarre turn of events, it's been reported the Myanmar Traditional Lethwei Federation has "blacklisted" champion Dave Leduc and banned him from competition for two years. Leduc, the first foreigner to win the gold belt world title in lethwei, which is fought bareknuckle and allows headbutts, has recently attacked muay Thai fighter Buakaw on social media attempting to drum up a match with the Thai boxing star who competes several weight classes below him.

Leduc was also critical of muay Thai in his comments. The Lethwei Federation, which is based in Myanmar, has cited that as the reason for the ban. Relations between Myanmar and Thailand have traditionally been strained.

But there are questions as to whether Leduc's support for the democracy movement in Myanmar may have also influenced the decision with Myanmar's elected government being overthrown earlier this year by the military. Leduc, from Canada, has long been a magnet for controversy, recently taking an anti-mask stance during the pandemic. It's unclear just how much the blacklisting will hinder his career as Leduc has fought outside Myanmar on several occasions including the first lethwei bout held in the United States last November.

Some good news for fight fans as muay Thai superstar Saenchai announced on his Instagram account yesterday that he was released from the hospital after being admitted nearly two weeks ago with a case of COVID-19. The boxer said he was safe and thanked people for their support.

Saenchai, 40, had been feeling symptoms for a week prior to his admission and initially had trouble gaining access to a hospital bed in Thailand where infection rates for the virus have been soaring. He'd been scheduled to fight in late April against Luca Lassalle but the fight had to be canceled due to his illness. On Saturday, though, he posted a video to his Facebook page showing himself smoothly shadowboxing in his hospital room with the caption, "Payback time, Covid-19 I'm steppin up my game this round! Now I show you some trick or two."

All-time great muay Thai fighter Saenchai revealed via social media that he's been hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus posting photos of himself lying in a hospital bed. Saenchai, 40, was scheduled to fight Sunday in Thailand against Luca Lassalle but began feeling symptoms a week ago. He was tested for COVID on Thursday and the test came back positive on Friday.

Posting on Instagram, he announced, "I'm Saenchai. I'm positive to Covid 19. I'm sorry to everyone who is close to me. And sorry that I didn't fight this coming Sunday." He later revealed he had to rely on friends to find him a hospital as all the beds were full. The coronavirus pandemic has been surging at a record pace in Thailand recently with more than 2,400 new cases and 11 deaths being reported on Sunday.

John Wayne Parr will make his highly anticipated ONE Championship debut against Nieky Holzken at ONE on TNT III on Wednesday, April 21.

The ONE Super Series Muay Thai bout will be contested at a catchweight.

Parr is a true legend of martial arts. The talented Aussie has a long track record and will be returning to showcase his skills on the global stage of ONE to a whole new audience of spectators around the globe. But he will be challenged by one of the top strikers in the world.

Holzken is the current #1-ranked lightweight kickboxing contender.

But on Wednesday, these two mighty warriors will dawn the four-ounce gloves in their bout.

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