Renew Your Martial Arts Motivation With a Reflective Sojourn!

That quote comes from Doug Peacock’s book Walking It Off. A Green Beret medic in Vietnam, Peacock has struggled his entire life because of the travesties and trauma he witnessed in the war. His demons often surfaced and managed to snatch inner peace from his grasp.

But Peacock has an enduring love for nature and a strong connection with it. After the war, he realized that he needed to get closer to nature to heal. He started going on life-changing solo adventures in the most remote areas of the United States. He believed that the wilderness possesses an intrinsic trait that could restore his belief in himself and, possibly, in humanity. It became his remedy for his broken soul. It enabled him to find a way to hit his reset button in an effort to center himself and deal with the complexities of life.

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