Back-to-school season and the holidays are looking a little different this year for martial arts school owners, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But there are still many ways to help your school succeed.

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This issue of MASuccess takes a look at some of the most prevalent and pressing issues in our industry today.

COVID has shut down schools across the nation - some for months; others permanently - and irrevocably changed the way we handle business. Our cover story features a familiar MAIA face - social media marketing expert Cris Rodriguez of MAIA Foundations. Despite setbacks, her BJJ school is thriving. School owners who have been affected will also benefit from the advice within from Adam Parman, for whom the pandemic has been a learning experience with lessons he's sharing now.

This issue features "Racism and Martial Arts: How Far Have We Come and How Far Do We Have to Go?" Damon Gilbert is a Black martial artist, Team Paul Mitchell coach, school owner/instructor and Oakland PD officer. His story starts with his father's attempt to purchase a space for a kajukenbo school in the 80's and carries through his life today. It is definitely worth the read for all of us in the martial arts community.

COVID-19 has challenged all industries, but martial arts schools, which involve many people in close contact and often in a small space, have been hid hard. To survive, many school owners have turned to digital platforms like Zoom and Facebook Live to host classes. Being fully optimized in the digital space has made a huge difference in allowing schools to succeed. Software programs like Spark are also helping pull schools through this difficult time.

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This issue of MASuccess looks back on the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow, and contains information of the 2020 SuperShow (which was ultimately transformed into the Virtual Summit due to COVID). However, this edition is still a fantastic read for anyone wanting to learn more about the show or considering attending in 2021 (back in Las Vegas, where the Show is typically held)!

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Looking for inspiration? Dig into this issue of MASuccess, which features the story of Professional Karate Schools of America. PKSA started operations in the 70s and, through trial and tribulations, grew into an international entity!

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