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Paper Tigers Movie

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In the braniac comedy Paper Tigers, judging from this article's title, the film is more NSYNC than the prancing twisted version of their hit song By By By. Action films plagiarize each other by writing wall-to-wall action, a roller coaster ride, high-octane action and kick-ass fights. Like Bruce Lee says, "If you make an ass of yourself, there'll always be someone to ride you." Then there's Paper Tigers, who with jocular composition and wisecrack exposition, has quasi-wall-to-quasi-wall action (no limitation as limitation), a high-decane (that's higher than octane) backwards roller coaster ride with kick-whole body fights. And don't forget the zombie, origami and opera.

I've seen 15,000+ martial arts movies, which is a lot of plot repetition. Written by Vietnamese American Bao Tran, though Paper Tigers appears to be a revenge-for-killing-my-master motivated movie, it's a superbly well crafted relationship ridden and character driven film that has the humor not of Jackie Chan, but of three Emmy award sitcoms, All in the Family, Cheers and Friends.

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