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Sambo Bite Mark

Nikita Kletskov takes off his uniform to show what appears to be a bite mark on his back ©FIAS

Feature Grappling, Knockouts and a Bite

The 2021 World Sambo Championships concluded Sunday in Uzbekistan with Russian athletes making a late surge to once again reassert their dominance in the sport they founded. Led by Magomed Magomedov's big knee strike knockout of Sokhibjon Khasanboev in the 88 kg combat sambo finals, Russians earned four gold medals on the last day to push their total for the tournament to 8 golds and 18 overall medals.
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IBJFF World Master Leao Optics
The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation has been putting on the biggest and most prestigious jiu-jitsu tournaments since its formation in 2002. One of the biggest of those tournaments is the World Master Championship, a multi-day event that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This edition features not only the best 30+ aged competitors in the world, but also professional middleweight and heavyweight Grand Prixes, and Jiu-Jitsu Con tournaments for adults and kids.
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Century Martial Arts

As I navigated through the wild forest of motivational words on Pinterest, a quote stood out to me: "Competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better" – Author unknown.

My first thought: I wonder if there is an unfortunate somebody actually named Unknown dropping knowledge bombs without recognition.

Second thought: those words ring just as true for the wide world of martial arts as it does the world of sports and even business.

A healthy dosage of friendly competition can progress performance like few other things can — it can ignite the embers in a person's heart to become faster, stronger, more fluid, and confident.

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Artificial Intelligence
An artificial intelligence program to improve martial arts won the grand prize at an international AI competition held in Shanghai, China Saturday. A program called "The teaching and evaluation system of martial arts based on body posture recognition and machine learning" created by Li Lufei from Shanghai Nanyang Model High School and Wu Keyu from the High School Affiliated to Fudan University shared the title with another AI program on drones powered by OpenCV.
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