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Striving to be Agile in Today's Ever-Changing World, By Andries Pruim

A Local Success Story from the 2020 Virtual SuperShow

After spending 20 years in the banking industry, I moved to business consulting, where I have spent the past 15 years as a manager of a software development team. We deployed and supported project management tools and telephony tracking platforms. My role was to provide the business acumen necessary to ensure that the various applications made sense. This led to my interest in various client-management software platforms.

Recently, when watching the 2020 Virtual Summit (hosted by the Martial Arts Industry Association and Century Martial Arts as this year's digital replacement for the Martial Arts SuperShow), I noticed that the first sponsor was not only the creator of one such system, but was in fact a local business! At least, to me: PerfectMind started in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Not only did I know the name of the company, I knew the people!

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I've operated a martial arts school full time for 45 years. I may have made every mistake that can be made in this business. The reason I'm still in business, I believe, is I asked for help. I learned quickly that others before me had already found solutions. In this column, I'll point out key mistakes I made in my career, which are common errors among school owners, both large and small, throughout our industry. And I'll share the solutions I used to overcome them.
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Why did you begin teaching the martial arts?
I always wanted to be a teacher, and nothing seemed as rewarding as teaching martial arts. The martial arts combine many different disciplines: history, philosophy, kinesiology, wellness and more.

What is your school name and how did you choose it?
My school name is Rising Phoenix Martial Arts. I chose this name because my students, like the phoenix, ascend from their former conditions and become stronger than before.

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Why Every School Owner Must Have These Insights From Zen Planner!

Zen Planner's passion to power the martial arts experience for owners, instructors and students is palpable. That urgency to serve especially shines through in its Annual Martial Arts Benchmark Report. Zen Planner recently published its fourth report, and the company regards it as the strongest and most comprehensive edition yet. The purpose of the report is to lead martial arts school owners through every aspect of their business by combining unparalleled data with expert insights and actionable takeaways.

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