martial arts proverbs

These timeless quotes from Black Belt mag are guaranteed to enhance your understanding of and desire to practice martial arts!

For all who love the martial arts but prefer to consume the written word in bite-size chunks, the Black Belt staff has collected the following!

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Jigoro Kano, Mas Oyama, Ed Parker, Bong Soo Han, Chuck Norris, Gary Alexander — check out these pithy sayings and collectible quotes from these and other martial artists!

For cerebral students of self-defense, a favorite facet of the fighting arts is the accumulated wisdom that's conveyed in class, in books, in magazines and on television. These comments and observations tend to sum up much broader concepts, putting them in bite-size chunks anyone can digest. The following are a few faves from some martial artists you know, as well as some martial artists you probably haven't heard of.

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