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The Power of the Mind: Exploring Essential Mindsets in Martial Arts

Let me tell you something you already know.
Every martial art is about more than just physical training. It is mental as well.

Even if you study the most battle hardened real world combative system, there is still an emphasis on taking action rather than allowing panic to freeze you in place. Your mind cannot be allowed to hold your body back from what needs to be done.

Turn your heads towards the Japanese styles and you'll see not only the same importance allotted to the correct mindset, you'll also see that various terms are coined for the important aspects of the martial artist's mind.

While there are several mindsets in martial arts that are crucial for success, the ones we are focusing on today are Mushin, Shoshin, Fudoshin, and Zanshin.

Ready to unlock these mental skills? Let's go.

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