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Doing something for the first time is always stressful. It's a normal concern. We are taking a risk which leaves us feeling vulnerable and the weight of figuring out how to try something for the first time can lead us to procrastinate and never actually do the thing we want.

Hopefully these few tips can relieve the unnecessary pressure we create for ourselves.
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As the world continues to "shrink" and feel smaller through technological innovations in communication and travel, our world also seems to be more divided than ever before. Our culture now teaches us to be "followers" and "subscribers" to content, that in turn guides many people's thoughts, and affects how they interact with the world around them on daily basis. Ultimately, in a time of such uncertainty and division, our focus and efforts should be placed directly on building and developing leaders, not followers. In order to do this in a modern world, and cut through all the chatter and digital content, we must look back to a time tested, traditional approach to building leaders.

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Striving to be Agile in Today's Ever-Changing World, By Andries Pruim

A Local Success Story from the 2020 Virtual SuperShow

After spending 20 years in the banking industry, I moved to business consulting, where I have spent the past 15 years as a manager of a software development team. We deployed and supported project management tools and telephony tracking platforms. My role was to provide the business acumen necessary to ensure that the various applications made sense. This led to my interest in various client-management software platforms.

Recently, when watching the 2020 Virtual Summit (hosted by the Martial Arts Industry Association and Century Martial Arts as this year's digital replacement for the Martial Arts SuperShow), I noticed that the first sponsor was not only the creator of one such system, but was in fact a local business! At least, to me: PerfectMind started in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Not only did I know the name of the company, I knew the people!

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