martial arts history

Mackenzie Emory Kamas
Century Martial Arts
In the long history of humankind, weapons had one of the most significant roles in human development. From the very beginning of man's existence, he has been fighting and waging wars with other men. Under the influence of human imagination, from these numerous battles and wars have originated various different and often unusual weapons. Many of these historical weapons are hard to grasp and its purpose is hard to be understood by contemporary men.
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Muyejebo The Korea Times

Korea's oldest combat techniques text to become national treasure

The Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea announced Friday that the Muyejebo (Muyechebo), the oldest surviving Korean martial arts manual, will be named a state-designated treasure. Currently held by the Suwon Hwaseong Museum in the city of Suwon, the Muyejebo dates from 1598 when it was compiled to instruct soldiers in the rudiments of combat.
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The Whip as a Martial Arts Weapon / Anna Jurkovska
It is impossible to precisely say when and where was the whip started to be used as a weapon in human history and, more precisely, when and where did it start to be used as a martial arts weapon. The origins of this weapon are still being determined by many historians around the world. However, they all agree that the whip is a very old tool and perhaps even one of the oldest weapons in the history of mankind. Its history is several thousands of years old. During that time, its appearance, area of usage and the materials used to make it have often changed. It is very difficult to trace the different shapes it has taken on in daily life.
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Martial arts history museum
The Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, Calif. is scheduled to have their grand-reopening Saturday, September 18. California museums were ordered closed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have only started to reopen in the last few months. Smaller museums, which largely rely on attendance donations to continue operating, are facing severe financial hardships due to the long closure
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