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Barry Van Over / Premier Martial Arts
Last week saw the headline business news that Premier Martial Arts, the largest franchised chain of martial arts schools in the world, had been sold to Unleashed Brands, a parent company specializing in children's gyms and learning centers. Now Premier's CEO, Barry Van Over, discusses with how the blockbuster deal came about and what, if anything, will change for Premier's more than 500 schools.
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Templar Knights /

Knights Templar charging with full speed

Many of the past phenomena are surrounded by mystery, but none of them excites such amount of imagination as Knights Templar. The Templar name itself still inspires imagination, as some of the most interesting legends of Christendom are associated with Templars. From their gathering and modest beginnings in the Middle East, to their tragic end and the dissolution of the order in Paris.
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Michele Giordano
Shutterstock / CHEN WS
The international multi-sport event, The World Games, which features major sporting competitions not included in the Olympics, has announced their candidates for the 2021 Athlete of the Year award. Included among the 24 athletes nominated for the honor are half-a-dozen top competitors from martial arts-based sports.
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Jump Kick
Shutter Stock / True Touch Lifestyle
Jump kicks are surely one of the most popular martial arts techniques. Various martial arts experts agree that their practice is one of the most beautiful, but also, in the terms of fine motor skills, the most demanding part of martial arts trainings. Numerous martial arts masters perform various jump (flying) kicks of which many are truly breathtaking and they attract spectators' attention thanks to their beauty and skill. Martial arts experts agree that the performing jump (flying) kicks falls among advanced martial arts techniques.
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