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Judo Blog: Ron Suggs on His Judo Journey

Alex McCormick on left and Ronald Suggs on right

This week’s article was sent to me by my friend Ron Suggs. It’s a terrific judo story that I wanted to share!

My journey in Judo began in 1967 at Cascade Junior High School in Longview, Washington when I discovered a book called “Judo Boy” at the school library. My inspiration for judo came from this book written by John Ball Jr and printed in 1964. I was fascinated by this boy who learned about Judo through his parents’ Japanese landscaper. The boy’s experience while learning judo motivated me to find every book I could on Judo to learn this martial art as best as I could until I could receive formal training. I was not aware of any formal Judo Dojo in the area, so tested what I had studied in the books every time my friends and I engaged in friendly rough housing. One of those friends that I practiced on was to become instrumental to my life’s journey in judo. His name was Eddie Miller.

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