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Have you heard of The Penny Challenge?

It's a financial plan to build your budget; on the first day, you simply deposit a single penny in a savings jar and each subsequent day, you add one cent to the amount you deposited the day before. In other words, day two is when you put in two pennies and day three is when you put in three more.

If you did this for a year, the last day of the challenge would only involve putting $3.65 in the savings jar. But, inside the jar itself, you would have saved nearly $700 ($667.95 to be exact)!

The lesson: kids don't just have to sell lemonade or mow lawns in order to stash away some moolah.

Well that, and also you could learn that the smallest actions we take can have enormous rewards when consistency is kept.

This is especially true for a lifelong journey such as martial arts training. There are numerous small tasks we can take as martial artists that affect how we perform and excellence is often found in simple habitual attention to these nuances.

Let's look at a list of five actions we can consistently take which will transform your abilities and skills!

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The Myth of the Virtuous Martial Artist

I warn you now, I knew when I wrote this article that it would make some people uncomfortable. All I ask is that you read to the end before you get out the pitchforks and torches. This article is simply based on my opinion, which has been formed from my personal experiences. I hope this will spark healthy conversation and the sharing of opinions, and I welcome hearing yours.

Humility and martial arts are supposed to go hand in hand, along respect, integrity and honour. However, if you take a long, hard look at the culture of martial arts, you may begin to doubt its efficacy in instilling those virtues in practitioners any more than any other sport or discipline. Over the years in this industry, I have witnessed behaviour that tells me humility, honour and integrity may be integral to a select few, but for the most part, they are just catch phrases used to manipulate people.

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