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Darryn Melerine and Myron Gaudet, 5th and 4th degree black belts in Minami Ryu Jujitsu respectively, host a live seminar to share their knowledge of Tai Sabaki. Tune in for an exciting seminar from one of the most popular instructors on our Facebook page!

Live Performance Chux Seminar with Sammy Smith

Sammy Smith, Co-Founder of Black Belt Magazine's NEW online course Sport Karate University, goes live to share some nunchaku skills that have helped her win numerous world championships!

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Live Sport Karate Kama Seminar with Mackensi Emory

Join Black Belt Magazine's 2019 Competitor of the Year to learn some tips and techniques that have helped her become one of the top kama competitors in the world. Keep reading to view the seminar for FREE!

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Sammy Smith, CISSN is a world champion sport karate competitor for Team Paul Mitchell who is also a certified nutritionist. Her expertise has helped her, and now her students, win numerous prestigious titles. Keep reading to join her for a Facebook LIVE Seminar about conditioning for sport karate athletes!

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