Shining a Spotlight on “Sheroes” Who Look Like Us

Twenty-one years into the 21st century, Valencia D. Robinson’s book The Sheroes Who Look Like Us: Black, Brown, and Variations Thereof is a notable contribution to efforts to archive voices of Black women martial artists. This compilation of essays, reflections and narratives is believed to be the first book of its kind.

Robinson is the founder and lead consultant of her own personal-protection company Safety Experts Group. She’s also the co-founder and executive officer of Mu Alpha Sigma, a nonprofit female martial arts sorority. A student of self-defense since 1998, she holds a fifth-degree black belt in combat kuntao and has certifications in Filipino boxing and Chinese chin-na. Robinson is also certified in law-enforcement training, firearms and compliance-and-control tactics. She said she felt compelled to write a book about Black women who serve their communities using the martial arts. Sheroes, her 16th book, was released in September 2021.
What kind of feedback have you received since the book was published?

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