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Teaching Kung Fu is art work, it truly a display of a painter painting a beautiful portrait. It is a complex art form and to truly be good at it the small detail things must be learned and displayed. Therefore it makes the learning process truly difficult but effective when learned and displayed properly.

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Internal Martial Arts: Chenhan Yang

Building Better People Through Martial Arts

Martial arts training is good for many things and most readers, whether they've trained for a few months or a few years, are aware of the many benefits, including, the physical, spiritual, and psychological. Chenhan Yang is no exception and he tells how his years of training have benefited him, "Martial arts training has taught me about focus and perseverance. It also taught me one thing: that if you want to be better, there is no other way than to train hard and try hard. If you want to achieve something, you can't be easy on yourself. The best teacher is yourself. You decide your altitude, you decide where your limit is." Yang elaborates further, "Martial arts taught me to look at our world more objectively and yet to be grateful, and accept who we are and how things are happening around us, and to make peace with the world. It's about acceptance and harmony."

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Black Belt is proud to announce NEW online mini-courses with Sifu Damien Chauremootoo.

In Australia, one reality-based training organization stands out: Empower Tactical in Melbourne. Under the leadership of Damien Chauremootoo, Empower Tactical has built a reputation for results in the self-defense world, and now its courses, which combine street savvy and a scientific knowledge of biomechanics with proven strategies and effective techniques, are being made available around the world.

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Axie Breen Photography

The wide smile and palpable positive energy of Kathy Yang are the first things a student notices when watching her instructional videos.

Whether teaching White Crane or Long Fist styles of Kung Fu or Qigong exercises and sets, Yang conveys her instruction in a unique way that is easy to follow and packed with information.

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