krav maga

Eyal Yanilov

Eyal Yanilov is a renowned krav maga authority and the highest-ranked krav maga practitioner today with the level of “expert.” He began training at age 15 under krav maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld. Yanilov worked directly with Lichtenfeld to develop and formalize the art’s curriculum, teaching civilian and military versions of krav maga. Currently, Yanilov heads Krav Maga Global and has written several of books on the martial art. He was Black Belt’s 2018 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year.

Personal note: Eyal Yanilov was one of my teachers. He certified me as a krav maga instructor. I recently asked him how he sees the relevance of krav maga in today’s world. This is what he said.

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